Hysteria Productions – “Wanted” Promotional Video

A stolen day of filming with a rental camera and six months later post-production is complete. This is the story of the Hysteria Productions “Wanted” video.

After a three day grueling film shoot, I realised I still had the camera equipment that had been hired for one more day. I couldn’t let it go to waste… I had always wanted to make a western (and by “make” I secretly mean “star in”), so I came up with a little idea for this promotional video and set off with my co-producer Chris Daniels and Unit manager Brad Armel, to find a place to film it.

Luckily we didn’t have to go far. I found a fairly bare looking field with one great looking tree in the middle and a wonky windmill in the background. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Brad operated the camera, while Chris and I got into character with some not so historically accurate costumes and replica guns.

About two hours later and I was pretty sure we had all the footage I needed.

Unfortunately, post-production wasn’t that quick. A number of other jobs got in the way and it was a good six months before I found the time to get the project finished. Some animated visual effects were created for the lightning, shower of sparks and the birds that fly off as well as a few other little bits. I applied quite a heavy colour grade to cover up the short comings of the HDV format that we filmed on. After adding some music and sound effects, this little promotional video was complete.

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James Cole is a Producer, Director, Editor and Visual Effects Artist for Hysteria Productions. He has worked on hundreds of projects from commercials and corporate videos to music videos, short films, feature films and documentaries. James is also an avid landscape photographer and digital artist with his work being shown at http://www.jcphotographicart.com