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Hysteria Productions officially began back in 1994 while founder James Cole was still studying corporate video production at RMIT. Always one to be on the cutting edge, James taught himself how to use one of the earliest digital editing suites that the school had invested in. Shortly after, he was hired by the head of the media department to teach both the teachers and the students how to use this emerging technology. It wasn’t long before he realised that there was nothing left to learn at school and getting out into the real work of video production was the best course of action.

Over the next few years James was hired to produce and direct a number of music videos for local and international bands including local country singer Marie Wilson and pop band Invertigo. James was also hired on a number of short films as the director of photography, editor and visual effects artist. Basically anything that came his way, he took, even if he had no idea how to do what was being asked. With thorough research, an eagerness to learn and an almost McGiver like ingenuity, he was always able to pull off the requirements. Often going well beyond what was believed achievable.

It wasn’t long before James decided to go all out and make his own science fiction movie and over a four year period Lost:Black Earth was born. The movie was one of the first to be filmed on the new digital camera technologies and made full use of emerging editing software such as Final Cut Pro version 1 and visual effects software Commotion Pro. Making this movie, gave James an education far beyond what any school could offer and launched him and Hysteria Productions well and truly into the professional film making arena.

Since then James has built a career and established Hysteria Productions as a quality go-to video production and post-production company for local Australian and international feature films, corporate videos, television commercials, music videos and has been a firm advocate of web and viral videos since long before the general populace had even heard of such terms.

With a reputation built on respect and an ability to deliver high quality media solutions, Hysteria has been able to produce work for companies such as Nissan, Toyota, Optus, Cabrini, IGA, Cabrini, Worksafe, WIN television and Network 10 to name a few and has worked along side film industry talents such as David Parker, Nadia Tass, Kelly Dolen, Mark Savage, David Hirschfelder and Jamie Bamber.

With a crew of world class technicians, craftspeople and artisans to call upon, endless passion for the craft of filmmaking and the talent to produce world class projects, Hysteria Productions is ready to create for you.

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