Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production with creative flair

The term “corporate video” conjures up images of dull, tedious, slapped together videos that could bore the pants off even the most studious among us.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

At Hysteria Productions we have a philosophy that the best way to educate people is through entertainment and the best way to entertain someone is to affect them on an emotional level. By tapping into our wealth of knowledge gained from over twenty years’ experience, we are able to tailor a production that doesn’t just inform, but connects and stays with your audience.

These days, a corporate video can mean anything from web videos, in house induction and training videos, online customer education and promotion, to videos that may play on loop in show rooms or offices. We handle it all and stay on top of new technologies that can help with your delivery.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative corporate video production company and want to create projects that are unique and excite your audience while calling them to action. Our team manages to balance creativity with efficiency, to ensure that from the simplest to the most challenging projects, they are completed on time and on budget.

Check out some examples of our work of our work below, or our main show reel on our home page.

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Samples of our corporate videos