Nano Power C.M.I – Realtek Promotional Video

This corporate video was fairly challenging but a lot of fun to make. We were given the task of delivering a message that Nanotech company, Realtek Australia, is able to help manufacturing companies make the change from traditional macro and micro manufacturing to nano technology manufacturing. It didn’t hurt that I personally am fascinated by this kind of technology and was amazed to see some of the developments that are coming along.

We decided to take the approach of making a short film that was entertaining for anyone to watch and yet still deliver the correct message. I came up with the idea of making a kind of film noir crime investigation movie and then writer Chris Daniels did a masterful job of taking the mountains of technical information, sorting out what was necessary and what wasn’t and then converting it into a cool little story and script.

I then took on the directing role of taking the script to the screen. With only two days to shoot the adventurous script, we assembled a fantastic cast and crew including Kevin Harrington (The Dish, Neighbours, Underbelly) and Klara Lisy, who had only one day to learn the lines of her extensive technobabble.

After a really fun shoot we then set about Editing, creating the Visual Effects, the Sound Design and composing the music. All up there was only one week to complete the post production before it had to be screened at the World Nanotech Conference in Japan.

The project was a success and had it’s first screening on a newly designed, paper thin, prototype screen made from the latest advancements in nano technology. It has been screened at many nano technology and manufacturing conferences and expo’s here and internationally and played its part in raising awareness of Realtek Australia to a new era of manufacturing.