WIN Television

Company: McRae Nissan
Title: Silver Lightning

Re-envisioning country TV Commercials

WIN Television is Australia’s largest broadcaster, covering pretty much every region outside of the metropolitan areas. They have offices and production facilities in many of the larger regional areas and produce most of the local commercials along side other broadcasters such as Prime and Southern Cross.

In August of 2006, Hysteria Productions producers James Cole and Chris Daniels were contracted by WIN Television to bring city production values to the country tv commercials in Albury, Victoria. The two made the move to the boarder town and settled into regional life.

It soon became apparent just what a massive task they had ahead of them. With limited and antiquated equipment, minimal budgets and insane schedules, they were often asked to produce a 30 second commercial for as little as $500 which allowed for less than half a day to be spent making it. Changes had to be made.

Hysteria’s own state of the art equipment was moved in which allowed for a much higher quality in less time. The two set about producing commercial after commercial and educating the clients on the higher quality of options that were now available to them.

At the end of four months relentless work, the two had lifted the production office to be the only profitable production office within the WIN Corporation. The remaining offices relied on the sales of advertising spots to subsidise their production teams.

We had a great time working with a lot of local businesses and although it was hard work, it was rewarding to get all the positive feedback from the clients who love the respect we were showing their brands
James Cole – Producer

Over one hundred and forty commercials were produced by the duo in their time and the quality was certainly lifted. With the increased quality, clients saw the value in spending more for their productions and the average budgets raised to much more sustainable levels.

In December, the two had their last fill of truck stop diners and made their way back to big smoke of Melbourne to continue producing and creating for Hysteria Productions.

Here are some of the country tv commercials we produced while at WIN Television.

Featured Country TV Commercials

Company: Wangaratta Toyota
Title: Camry Intuitive

Company: Wangaratta Toyota
Title: Prius… Question Everything

Company: WAW Credit Union
Title: Tailored Investment

Company: WAW Credit Union
Title: Latipsoh Day

Company: Full Cycle Albury
Title: Rudy Project

Company: Hume Building Society
Title: 7.15 reasons to switch

Company: Wodonga Pharmacy
Title: Don’t suffer hay-fever

Company: Beechworth Council
Title: Consuming the passion
Project note: This commercial was a demo only to show the Beechworth council what could be done. Eventually they decided not to run any TV commercials and this was never fully rendered and never went to air.